Less Is More

New York is a moneyed city. It has always been the center of finance in the United States and probably always will be which means a great deal of those whom reside here work for various financial concerns. You've got your brokers, your lenders, your traders, the guy who will loan you money at 50% or take your fingers. There's money for everyone and everyone wants to make more if you're smart and savvy enough. I'm apparently neither nor have I ever been blessed with the ambition to own a vacation house ... or really just a house. But I am surrounded by those who do, and as a flower delivery person, I often come into contact with some heavy hitters because they are usually the recipients of sycophantic offerings from obsequious underlings.

In this instance, I was to deliver an arrangement for the wife of what I can only assume was a very important manager in his company, but I was surprised by the notable modesty of the delivery. It was a simple vase of 6 tulips, not the usual overblown delivery of dozens of roses or full bouquets of exotic flowers, just tulips. I rang the bell and a housekeeper opened the door. Usually housekeepers are very kind and often invite me in at least for a glass of water especially when the weather is oppressively hot as it was on this particular day.

I entered the home and saw it was completely crammed with the most ostentatious arrangements I'd ever seen. Flowers from every continent were packed one on top of another covering every surface of open furniture. While in the kitchen, the wife of entered and greeted me kindly. She then indicated to the encroaching flowers and asked wearily: "Is this another arrangement?" I handed her the simple bouquet and she smiled with relief. "Thank God!" She exhaled. She read the card and smiled. "I don't know who this is, but they certainly won this contest. I'm going to put these in our bedroom. These others are going to charity." The smartest person knows that to stand out, sometimes that means doing less.

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