We won "Best in Show" at the New York Horticultural Society's Flower Show!

We're excited to announce that last week we won the “Best in Show” award for an original tablescape we presented at the 16th Annual New York Flower Show Dinner Dance.
Our inspiration for the piece, comprised of the centerpiece and rectangular chargers, was the birth of flowers in the spring. We chose vanda orchids for their striking vibrancy.
We're particularly proud of our creation because of the engineering challenges involved. We had to create a structure that was strong enough to hold up hundreds of flowers, yet not be too heavy for the table. It also had to be tall enough, so that dinner guests could see each other across the table. And to create the cascading look, we had to ensure that the design was flawlessly balanced. What’s more, transporting a seven-foot, 50-pound structure would be impossible, so we had to think of a design that could be assembled at the event. Which, of course, we did, dividing the structure into three pieces.
Our team was up to the challenge, however, and the work has paid off. For creativity and beauty of the tablescape, we were recognized as “Best in Show”!!


More about the event on the Horticultural Society's website:

Press release: http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130426-915671.html

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