6 Stylish Halloween Centerpiece Ideas

We here at Alaric Flowers absolutely love Halloween. There are so many ways to get creative with flowers and decorations this time of year.

We’ve put together a must have list of 6 stylish and fun centerpiece ideas for your next Halloween bash.


1. Make sure to scrape out all the pumpkin seeds before inserting a vase with flowers





2. Paint a terra cotta pot or any plastic vase like a candy corn, and use dried branches and flowers to create a unique fall design.



3. Use plastic insects and rubber snakes to make a sophisticated yet spooky arrangement.




4. Use a pale or a bucket and mix in fall inspired flowers with halloween accents such as plastic spiders or spiderwebs.



5. Stick your favorite flower into a vase with water and fit it into a larger vase and fill with candy corn or halloween candy of your choice.



6. Get inspired from the Mexican holiday, the day of the dead. Paint skulls and adorn them with roses and traditional carnations of your choice. 






Need a custom Halloween or Fall theme centerpiece? Contact Alaric Flower’s to help, we can create a spooky stylish arrangement for your special event.

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