How to Care for Your Fresh Flower Arrangements


Every day we get calls from people wondering how best to care for their fresh flower arrangements. We have a few techniques to help keep your flowers looking fresh and beautiful.


-Fresh flowers need care and the better you care for them the longer they last.
Never leave the arrangement in direct sun, they can actually burn if you keep them too warm or near the sun.

-It is also very important to keep the water fresh and clean. We suggest that every other day you change the water in the vase. If you carefully pour the original water out of the vase and replace it with room temperature water, then there will be less bacteria growth and the flowers will stay fresh longer.

-If you are able to pull the entire bouquet out of the vase, it is not a bad idea to give the flowers a fresh cut as well. This will ensure that the flowers will stay really hydrated and keep them from starting to wilt.

-It is best to cut the flowers at an angle in order to expose a larger surface area to the water. You can sometimes give the vase a quick wash while I have the flowers out of the vase. This ensures that any bacteria that might have started to grow will be eliminated so that the flowers have a truly fresh environment. It is not necessary, however, to wash the container every time.

-All flowers have a different vase life. Some flowers, such as orchids, last a very long time when cut, while other flowers, like hydrangeas, have a shorter vase life. You can always pull out flowers as they expire and either replace them with new flowers, shift the arrangement around, or even break it up into smaller vases. By pulling out the flowers as they expire, you will be able to enjoy each and every stem in the arrangement.


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