Trend Watch: Terrariums

Even though Fall is upon us why not hold onto a little bit of Summer with a simple and eye catching terrarium. They’ve certainly gone main-stream and can be found in homes, offices, and businesses. Modern terrariums are one of the latest trends in home décor and plant and flower decorating options.
The supplies needed to build a terrarium can be found at most garden stores—from the proper plants to the soil and pebbles as well as glass containers and domes of all sizes. Accent pieces such as tiny, handmade red and white faux mushrooms are also available to add a bit of color and whimsy to your encapsulated arrangement.
Directions to Make a Terrarium:
1. Small rocks or pebbles for drainage and texture.
2. Small piece of charcoal (the type found in the pet supply department for aquarium filters.)
3. Potting soil.
4. Miniature house plants and mosses. Ivy, ferns, succulents, and orchids work well.
5. Drift wood or branches
6. Sand
7. A glass container with or without a lid.
8. Spray mist bottle.

1. Line the bottom of a glass jar with pebbles—one inch is usually adequate.
2. Place a small piece of charcoal in the middle of the pebbles. The charcoal helps to keep the soil fresh.
3. Add a few inches of potting soil and sand to the layer of pebbles and charcoal.
4. Gently place three or four small plants into the container. Make sure the plants are nestled together but not crowded or root bound. 
5. Arrange live moss around the plants. The moss adds visual appeal as well as lending support and anchorage for the plants.
6. Mist the terrarium and cover.
7. Place you terrarium in an area with moderate light, making sure that the terrarium is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Open the lid of the terrarium and feel the soil every week or two. If the dirt is moist to the touch and condensation is built up in the terrarium, it’s fine. If the soil feel dry, mist until dew drops appear on the leaves of the plants and on the insides of the glass.
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