How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

keep cut flowers fresh

It’s always then there's the special joy of receiving flowers. Red rose from the local Manhattan florist or a “Happy Birthday” flowers delivered with courier from your far friend. Flowers always mean so much.


Small bouquet of flowers can make your day brighter even when it’s rainy behind the window. Unfortunately we are all known fresh flowers will not stick around forever.


Bacteria are a mortal enemy of cut flowers. It pile up at the cut end and occludes the uptake of water into the flower. As the stream of water slows, the flower become to dry and die.


Here some tips from "Alaric Flower Design" to help cut flowers last longer:


  • Wash your vase in hot soapy water to remove any dirt and bacteria
  • Cut the stems of store-bought or delivered flowers immediately with sharp knife at a slant of 45º angle, 1 to 2 inches off will be enough and most important to cut stems under water to avoid getting air bubbles trapped in the stem
  • Put the fresh flowers into clean vase and fill it with cold water.
  • Add the lemon juice to the water it should be less than a tenth of your water volume. Lemon will prevent bacteria formation.
  • Now we need to feed the Flowers. Adding a sugar into the vase will do it. One teaspoon will be enough.
  • Change vase water often. Best choice to change it every day. As longer you don’t do it as more bacteria will be in water.
  • Keep cut the stems regularly, every time when you change water.


Using these tips you can order flowers online and keep it fresh longer. Enjoy in your Manhattan apartment a beauty of Mother Nature gifts.


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